Cool Kids -Taking Control


Designed to help children who have been targets of bullying and who have high levels of anxiety. 

The Cool Kids – Taking Control (CKTC) program consists of eight modules completed over ten weeks, with two additional weeks providing an opportunity for families to practise their new skills.

Cool Kids – Taking Control online self-help program to help children cope with bullying and manage anxiety. The program is based on the Cool Kids face-to-face program which typically costs $500. However, if you participate in this trial the program can be accessed free of charge.

Difficulty managing anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues that affect children and teens. Around 1 in 10 struggle with anxiety enough that they perform below their best, have fewer friends and miss out on activities that other children enjoy like parties or sleepovers.


The first step to starting the Cool Kids – Taking Control program is to complete an online registration form below.

This is reviewed by our team to ensure that the study is likely to be helpful for your child. If we think another program or service would be better, we will provide a recommendation.

Cool Kids – Taking Control is designed for parents to work through with their child at home. The program is delivered over the internet and involves eight lessons delivered over ten weeks.

“As a Cool Kids – Taking Control coach, you have an important role in helping your child face their fears and build their confidence so that anxiety and bullying has less of an influence on their life.”

  • about bullying and anxiety,
  • how to be confident in social situations,
  • how to better manage fears,
  • helpful ways to act if they are bullied, and
  • how to cope with bullying.

Cool Kids – Taking Control includes instructions, examples, and videos for parents and their children. There are lots of practise exercises to help children master the skills.

Bullying in Australia

1 out of 5 Australian children reported being socially isolated, threatened or harassed online.

Year 4 students (average age 10) were more likely to have been bullied than Year 8 students (average age 14).

About 56% of Year 4 students and 43% of Year 8 students had been bullied monthly or weekly during the school year

Australia’s children, Bullying – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2019)

The Centre for Emotional Health Clinic

Furthering our understanding of emotional disorders and improving methods of treatment

The Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) Clinic is a research and training clinic aimed at furthering our understanding of child & adult emotional disorders and improving our methods of treatment. The Clinic is part of the CEH at Macquarie University. Families who seek help at the CEH will receive state of the art assessment and treatment based on internationally recognised research, much of which has been conducted by our team over the past 20 years.

Through seeking services from a research and training clinic, there is an expectation that families will participate in various research activities related to developing better assessment and treatment methods, and better understanding the causes of anxiety and related disorders.

The Cool Kids – Taking Control program is funded by the Australian Rotary Health project of the Rotary Districts of Australia.

One of the largest independent funders of mental health research within Australia.

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