Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you would like to have your child assessed regarding their anxiety and experience of bullying, please complete this online form.

Once we receive the completed form, we will contact you to book a time for the telephone assessment. We may also contact you to clarify if the program is likely to be suitable for your child.

We commit to provide the Cool Kids – Taking Control program to you at a reduced cost. All costs are subsidised by your participation in this research trial. After being screened by one of our Clinical Psychologists and deemed eligible for the program, the treatment program will require a bond of $100 and you will receive access to the program once this payment has been received.

Once your final assessment has been conducted and all follow-up questionnaires completed, you will be reimbursed the initial $100 bond as a thank you for participating in the Cool Kids – Taking Control research study. However, should you choose to withdraw, your $100 initial cost will be forfeited.

For your information, an initial clinical assessment would typically cost $290. The face-to-face Cool Kids program at the CEH typically costs $500.

If your child is eligible, we commit to provide this free service to you, and you commit to participating in the treatment program and all assessments.

However, if during treatment you decide that you no longer want to continue it is still important for you to complete the additional assessments so that we can learn about your experiences in the program, gather your feedback to improve the program in the future and better understand what determines success in our programs. In the future, we may approach you to be involved in further follow-up assessments, in order to further evaluate the effectiveness of the Cool Kids – Taking Control online program over time.

All staff at the Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) Clinic who provide assessment and treatment for the Cool Kids – Taking Control program have, or are completing, postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Psychology.

All initial telephone interviews and weekly telephone calls are made by one of our Clinical Psychologists. Follow-up telephone assessments are conducted by nationally registered Psychologists or interns who are working towards registration. All clinicians receive supervision from senior Clinical Psychologists who have expertise in child and adolescent anxiety.

We also have a number of undergraduate Psychology students as well as Research Assistants completing administration and recruitment tasks.

To learn more about our team, visit our Researchers page.

The treatment you are allocated to is decided randomly, like drawing names out of a hat. A sample chosen randomly is meant to be an unbiased representation of the total population

You will either receive access to the online program immediately or you will receive access to treatment approximately six months after the treatment group has completed the online program. The decision as to which therapist you will have is also decided randomly.

Telephone interviews and contact with therapists will be audio recorded.

These tapes will be used to ensure that the therapist is conducting the assessment/support as is described in the manual. The audio may also be used for training purposes (i.e., to train new clinicians).

The Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) Clinic is a world leader in research into the treatment of child anxiety and bullying. Research is conducted on ways to enhance Cool Kids – Taking Control treatment outcomes (for example, by adding additional cognitive-behavioural skills), ways to improve access to treatment (for example, by providing treatment online) or investigating what types of treatment best suit specific types of anxiety and bullying.

Participating in treatment research means: 1) you must be willing to be randomised to a treatment approach (that is when two or more treatment approaches are offered, the particular treatment approach you receive is selected at random, like pulling names out of a hat); 2) you must be willing to participate in an assessment at the conclusion of treatment and then at typically 1-2 follow-up points (usually six months after finishing treatment); and 3) the treatment provided must be the only treatment that you are accessing for your child’s anxiety and/or bullying. In other words, you agree not to see another therapist at the same time.

If we believe, after assessment, that the current Cool Kids – Taking Control program is suitable for your child, you will receive an invitation to participate. This invitation will provide exact details of the different treatment approaches being investigated and treatment consent. If the research version of Cool Kids – Taking Control is not appropriate, or if you choose not to participate in the offered treatment research, you will be offered appropriate referrals (which may include accessing our private treatment services).

To determine the suitability of our programs, we will ask you to complete a clinical assessment over the phone that typically takes 2-3 hours. You and your child will also be asked to complete questionnaires about your child’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours, as well as questions related to your own experiences. After the assessment, the assessing clinician will discuss recommendations for your child with a supervisor for treatment or referral. This will be communicated to you.

Briefer progress assessments take place immediately after treatment, and 6 months after treatment. The purpose of the progress assessment is to determine whether your child has improved. You will receive a reimbursement of your $100 bond upon completion of both of these post-treatment assessments.

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